ASQ is a professional society for quality professionals and practitioners. It is comprised of a worldwide network of continuous improvement experts making it the leading authority on quality in all fields, organizations, and industries. Collectively, ASQ members champion and advance quality methodologies, ideas, and tools to improve businesses, organizations, and communities.

ASQ members don’t just join an organization, they join a thriving group of professionals who are passionate about quality. ASQ provides its members with connections to three types of communities: geographic, topical, and virtual. myASQ is ASQ’s internal social media network. It provides ASQ members expanded networking and learning opportunities no matter what one’s location, industry, or topic interests may be. Within myASQ are hundreds of sites connecting members to a broader audience of quality professionals and practitioners – anytime, anywhere. myASQ allows members to safely “friend” one another, post information, share experiences and lessons learned, ask questions, blog, and even upload photos and videos. Members can and are encouraged create new community sites within myASQ to generate new discussions and connections. In addition, ASQ members can join popular online communities such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter hosted by ASQ technical and geographic communities. Many of these social media sites are open to non-members thus providing an even larger audience for networking.

While “it takes a village to raise a child,” it also “takes a community to develop an outstanding and successful quality professional.”

Topical and industry-specific communities are formed based on member interests. Topical communities are technical in nature and mostly comprised of ASQ’s twenty-five divisions but also consist of forums, interest groups, and technical communities. Examples of divisions are the Inspection Division, Audit Division, Service Division and Automotive Division.

The Inspection Division’s mission is: to increase customer satisfaction through continuous improvement by disseminating information related to the quality of products and services through inspection and test methodology, so not surprisingly many of its members are inspectors, quality technicians, QC supervisors, quality engineers, and a large contingent of professionals from within the measurement and test equipment industry (makers of inspection related equipment). Besides the Automotive Division, ASQ has eight other divisions supporting specific industries such as the Software Division, Design & Construction Division, and Chemical and Process Industries Division.

ASQ divisions are unique sources of focused information on quality that can help one in their job. Divisions provide a place to turn when a member has a question or needs a specific type of conference, course, book or paper. Members have the opportunity to get involved in collaborative and networking events, and can get inspired to try new and innovative ways to improve themselves. Many ASQ members find it advantageous to join one or more ASQ divisions in order to quickly and easily build a network of like-minded professionals experiencing similar challenges. Each ASQ Division maintains an active myASQ site providing a wealth of information and the ability to network virtually. In addition, ASQ Divisions offer knowledge resources, scholarships, recognition/awards, professional training, and educational experiences such as webinars and conferences. Best of all, access to all ASQ divisions is provided to all ASQ members free of charge!

Lastly, and probably most important are ASQ geographic communities; these are based on where members live. Each ASQ member is provided a free Section membership (a Section is analogous to a Chapter). This physical, local presence is a huge contributor to ASQ’s success for over 75 years. These local communities include:

  1. Sections in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, the UK and the Middle East
  2. Local member communities in more than 100 other countries around the world.
  3. Student branches that can be found at educational institutions around the world.

Geographic communities allow members to physically come together to share and learn on all topics related to quality. For many ASQ members, their Section “is ASQ” because since it is local, it is how they can most benefit from their annual ASQ dues. How? Because many Sections and local member communities offer meetings, local tours, newsletters, online information (each has their own myASQ site), educational courses, seminars, conferences, and certification exam preparatory programs. Many members find the traditional monthly dinner meeting still the best way to network. Also, ASQ Sections are member-led, meaning its entire leadership comes from within the local community. Members can get involved by becoming a Section volunteer member leader. This provides them the opportunity to not only support the quality movement in a profound way, but also develop, hone and enhance their leadership skills as well.

ASQ empowers individuals of the world to achieve excellence through quality. It is composed of passionate people who use their tools, ideas and expertise to make our world better. They do this through the power provided via the multiple communities available to them. While “it takes a village to raise a child,” it also “takes a community to develop an outstanding and successful quality professional” and ASQ is the key resource to do this!