Continuous improvement is essential for business success. These five principles of CI will help you ensure that the improvements you’re striving for are constant, improve all areas of your organization, and deliver value to your customer.

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5 Principles of Continuous Improvement

  1. Define the problem and desired outcome.
  • Highlight how work is being done, and ensure improvements are customer centric.
  • Once defined, evaluate, and prioritize emerging innovation and improvement opportunities.
  • Accelerate innovation with problem-solving methodologies.
  • Streamline your processes.
  1. Clearly communicate and scope goals with your teams
  • Visualize plans with brainstorming tools.
  • Keep projects on track with timely emails and alerts that verify team members projects that need attention.
  1. Connect improvement initiatives to your business objectives.
  • Monitor project status of your initiatives.
  • Track KPIs with dynamic dashboards.
  1. Encourage employee involvement.
  • Allow everyone in your organization to contribute through customizable idea forms.
  • Tailored scoring communicates effort, risk, and alignment of critical business initiatives.
  1. Measure, Monitor Improvement & Repeat
  • Dynamic, real-time tracking of performance metrics.
  • Users can measure progress, recognize when course correction need to be made and easily create and share reports with stakeholders.

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